Discord Q&A (07/09/2018) - 16/10/2018
Discord Q&A (07/09/2018) - 16/10/2018

Dear players,

On 07.09.2018 we have asked players on Discord to ask the developers their questions. Here is the full list of those questions and our answers. You can join our Discord by following this link: Allods Online Offcial Discord

  1. I really only have one question about the English version of Allods Online, and I suppose it's more of a marketing one than a development one. I hope that's okay. Is there going to be another push as far as advertising the game? Right now, regardless of any mechanical problems the game may have, I feel like the biggest hurdle to tackle is making potential players aware that this game still exists and it's currently in much better condition than when gPotato unfortunately ran it into the ground several years back.

We are working on it. At the moment, the team is focused on social networks.

  1. I want to know, for P2P server (Smuggler Paradise), will we have the possibility to have the Carnifex's animation, like russian p2p serv has, one day ?

Most likely, yes, as well as other promotions similar to this one, like we do in Russia. It's hard to give you a set date, but we'll try to bring as much content to Smuggler's Paradise as possible.

  1. Will you ever bring faction change back? But diffrent this time like a higher cooldown maybe half a year or something or maybe more expensive.Right now if you wana change you gotta make new character which is not problem to max lvl but all the cash shop and stuff is to expensive to buy again really

We are still working on this question, and it's too early to promise anything.

  1. Will you ever take actions towards crystal sellers ? its very annoying and may convince new players.

We try to ban them as quickly as possible, and will always be grateful to people reporting them to Customer Support.

  1. I'd like to see more f2p server items on the p2p server, but then instead of paying for it, we'd just have quests to do, or events to complete, which require some actual effort and teamplay. Perhaps as rewards for certain achievements. Is this something you will make reality? I am talking about following items:

- Fountain of Death - Fountain of Life - Omnificent core morphers

That's exactly what we're working on right now.

  1. As to today, people still abuse ranking systems in 3x3 and 6x6 by boosting with reincs/alts instead of fighting the players that actually want to pvp. Will there ever be a solution for this? I was thinking of ingame CM's that act as police like they did back in the day when they sometimes came online to randomly spawn bosses to bring the community together on a spontaneous way to play together. Coming from this question comes the next: Are we ever going to see CM's back ingame organising certain events that is more interacting with the playerbase?

They will be back, for sure. We hope to organize a small and fun event this month.

  1. Where did the weapon skin part of the shop go?? Why was it taken away 3 or 4 days after it came out...

Need more details about this one.

  1. RU p2p has acces to the legendary bag, while EU p2p only has acces to the epic 52 slots bag. Are we going to get that better bag too eventually?

You will get it, we're working on it.

  1. Why are the weekly aura rewards/title given to all the top members in 6x6 rating but only to one person in the 3x3 rating, and not to the following 2 players part of the 3x3 team?

It's a hard question, we will need more time to give an answer to this problem.

  1. What will happen to allods once all world mysteries are completed in the upcoming patches? Will you guys keep creating new world mysteries? extend more storylines? Or is the storyline just going to stop then, and stop making new content, new raids?

In fact, the world of Allods has just started truly growing. You'll see that in future updates.

  1. Will we be seeing a change to the gearing system at some point? I remember in 7.0 it was more enjoyable when you unlocked the next layer at a specific gearscore so you had something to aim for, rather than getting full blue/epic/leggy and waiting for manual open of the next layer.

Gearing system will change with the 10.0 update.

  1. How about a cosmetics shop or costume boxes for P2P server like they had in RU? Or other events such as the Prophetic card even where you can buy compasses through the website?

Currently working on it.

  1. For example some class can pvp with assault aspect and others can't and some class can play support aspect in pve and others can't. So will you rework the aspects ?

It depends on the future updates.

  1. Class are never balanced it's always the same problem few class are very powerfull and others class can't compete with, so will you try to balance that?

It's impossible to achieve perfection in class balance, but we'll try to implement more effective solutions to fix it.

  1. (for the subscription server) In pvp the gear is too important, will you rework the pvp to make it more pvp and less gear vs gear or less bonus stats vs bonus stats?

We will need more time to answer this question.

  1. Personnal questions' list:

- Why we don't have the same tarification from russian (rubble) and why we receive the same amount of cristals when reloading whit 100€ or 100 usd (with an actual rate 1e = 1.16 usd )?

Due to multiple factors, including limitations of banking systems.

  1. Question about future cross server pvp. any date? will there be also 3v3 and 6v6 vs russian servers?

Maybe :)

  1. Shop's strongboxes: what with the ratio (belgium - nederlands laws) and on russians'server, they have nice visual, do you implement it too on my.com?

Will be the same; nice visuals are coming with future updates.

  1. @MeiaMorte 's desire is to see rune lvl 21 :smile: (new max rune level will be level 15 true/false? )

We are not planning to increase runes' maximum level yet.

  1. Will you adapt the environmement for the subscription server ? For example all mounts should have the same speed because many mounts are not used du to the disadvantage if you use them, people should use the same hammers on their gear...

We will, of course, adapt the environment, but not exactly the way that you have suggested.

  1. At the moment many people are not playing for fun but they force themselves to farm dust or spark talents... For example do you think it's normal that every sunday people are playing 6v6 afk just to get hammers and elixirs of faith? People should play for what they want: pvp, pve, goblinobal... But they are forced to do something that they don't want just because they must do it if they want to continue to play. So will you make the game more enjoyable or it will continue to be a farm simulator? (Mostly for the subscription server)

**Yes, we are working on making Allods world more alive.*

  1. Smugglers Paradise server is really good though, it lacks a bigger community. In my opinion, it's in part due to his low population reputation. Thanks by the way for this F.A.Q like. SO here i start:
  • Will Allods show more concern and interest in this server or nothing will change about the communication and the promotion of it ? (I mean : "in game events" / Posting on the official website about it)

We are already giving this server more attention than it has had before. New price policy, new promotions, and it's only the beginning.

  • About the collectors edition: Will you remove the dominion tools and the replicators from them? (for the subscription server) Costumes, mounts, pets... are esthetic but the ammers and replicators can be considered as boost. This is in contradiction with the aim of the server, which is giving the same chances to anyone.

We'll look into this question.

  • Will you bring back the mausoleum of sparks in the game?

With time, yes.

  • Will Allods make us an Astral Raid, with ship battles (not like Eclipse where we're stuck) but with raid members piloting other fireing and others fighting on the bridge. Sorry it's a kido dream

We want it, too :)

And to end with theses questions, i just wanted to say: Thanks for this game and this subscription server, it's definitely the best, moreover since you've reduced the number of players required to make battlegrounds and brought back to life the PvP in S-P!

  1. So many questions to be asked But what i think is the most important is when will you finalize the merge with RU servers? Thank you in advance

Not in the near future, that's for sure, but it's not a new thought for us.

  1. Why don't you add more content to allods onlline? i think it has been the same routine for so long. We need new rewarding quests. rihat was a great addtion we need more right?

We try to make at least two global updates per year. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to releasae them more frequently.

  1. Will you add a deadline to futur collectors-editions? It schuld help many ppl

It is usually specified in the news.

  1. Are any future plans too boost Engineer Class? For now he don't have base crit chance like bard,psio,warrior,druid, don't have much survability like druid,cleric,summoner, his dmg is the lovvest compare to another dps class Bard,Psio,VVarrior,Druid,Mag,Cleric,Demonologist, also Enginner have big problem in aoe making right novv -> As 4-5y Engineer player my proposition is to increst dmg of acid turret by 20-30%, change ruby "firing line" to give 150%-200% of svvifnes speed on rank3, increst dmg burst of mana by 100% or make it alvvays crit, also decrest cooldovvn of "Destructive shoots" by half, so Enginner vvill can use this skills evry stack of mobs, Decrest cd of "Iron Curtain" and "Povver Field" by 30% so vvith inaf svvitffnes on sup build, Enginner vvill can rotate all time 30-35% def like a bard can spam vvith Barrier novv, Also reduc cd of frag/bacterial bombs by 30% so For enginner vvill be less lost if target die too fast, and vvill can aply vveaknes/slovvdovvn effect more often, vvho vvill balance it to similar time cleric holy rage or vvarrior skill, Also make "Povver Barrier" and "Critical mass" team skill, (Povver Barrier increst from 40% to 60%), Critical mass vvill be nice altrntive to Bard "age of vvar" if it vvill be team skill, Thank you for reading, and vvith 1% chance hope for better future for brother and sisters playing this ancient and forgotten class

Class rebalance is coming with future updates. You should've seen some of it with past hotfixes and 9.1 update already.

  1. The abundance's horn (private allods) => Is it not better to improve the basic production (eg: 30 embrium in place of 20...) and for the weekly maze's chest => changing the 775 gold/5 coral into 5 embrium (yep it's mean around 4,25k gold per chest)

Thinking about it.

  1. When will there ever be a true Class balance ? So far people get relic core morphers but none ever uses all the classes they have at hand ,because ; some are just too bad compared to the rest ! Engineer for example it's neither a good dps nor a good support and if you want to play that there will be no raid / Domi or any competitive activity for you ! #fixclasses

As it was said before, that's what class rebalance updates are meant for.

  1. Why did you chose the payment model currently in use? What reasons did you have back then?

Which one of the two that we're using?

  1. Why never add "blood tourmanent" fight type for dominion (so same runes, same shops maybe gs different...) for no p2win domi? and only skill/teamplay fight

Thinking about it.

  1. Since years there is a feature in the settings to change the language /localization of the game that never worked, will this feature ever be usable? - the old original launcher is having error messages since quite some time now (I think this is because of the embedded youtube video for the trailer that is still flash, which is not supported anymore by youtube), will you fix these issues? - Have you considered to ditch some of the supported localizations in favor of faster updates to catch up the russian client version or to save costs to compensate with the decline in population? (or is this a decision solemnly done by the internation publishers?)

Yes, we hope to fix this, as well as other game client bugs, in the near future.

  1. We just learned that in Russia, servers three times the size of New Frontier got merged. Knowing it is technically possible, we would like to ask if it would be possible to envisage a merger of Equilibrium and New Frontier at short or medium term. There is no need to say that the situation of Equilibrium is critical: the server has less than 12 active players; the whole Empire is empty and on the League’s side, there are no dominions anymore, no skirmishes, no arena of death and even no observatories. The problem won’t solve itself with time. As the capital is empty, there is nobody to welcome the new players and explain them how the game works. Automatically starting on Equilibrium (as it appears first on the server list), they often end up lost with a level 75 player after randomly using the Miraculous Arch: not understanding anything and not having anybody to help them around, they end up just leaving, thinking the game is dead. And all of that without knowing there is another server with 30 times the population of Equilibrium. We think the game loses many players just because of that. Needless to say simply closing Equilibrium would also not be a satisfying solution. Many people who left the game due to Equilibrium’s emptiness would only be willing to start playing and investing in their characters again if the merger took place. To summarize, if New Frontier and Equilibrium became the same server: 1) New players would start in a great city where lots of people speaking their language could help them and guide them 2) Current players and new member would stop leaving the game because of the fact the server is dead 3) Most of the legacy members of Equilibrium who stopped playing because of the current state of the server would come back to play and to invest in their characters safely

Server merge is coming soon, yes.

  1. Streaming: Could you guys feature Allods Streamers on the launcher when they go live as a way to promote them, because essentially they promoting the game?

It's not so easy to implement, but we can try.

  1. Could you possibly shorten the time between content updates? As in 1 month between when RU gets updated and when we do. It could help us move closer to unifying instances with the RU. Also please make 14’s a reality, I don’t have anything to spend money on.

Are you ready to have only one language in the game? It will fasten updates a lot, if not even completely remove the difference between RU and EU game versions. For example, if the game becomes English-only, then I think that the difference might be completely eliminated.

  1. Who is the writer for the Allods Online storyline and is he interacting with fans in Russia?

This is a question I can't answer right now, need to ask the script writer :)

  1. Is there an intent to make Allods even more lobby-based in future expansions, moving away from really large, explorable areas that offer a lot of quest content?

Surely, there will be more content. We'll add new locations and areas to explore. The future update is going to be bigger than usual, which is why you'll probably need to wait longer for it. But it will be, without a doubt, something new and interesing, and will be worth the wait.

  1. Is there any interest in bringing back the traditional system of "steering player ships to Astral Isles to gain loot there" in some shape or form? Or will it never come back because directly porting to all the islands simply is so much more convenient and secure?

Ship travels will be back.

  1. Is there interest in moving to places that have been mentioned in the lore but never made it into the game? I am talking of allods like Suslanger, the remains of Forox, or even Izune, the orc allod that is ruled by a dragon. I ask this, because the game has been moving to previously unmentioned areas for the last few years. Are the other ones still on the table?

Not in the next addon, but yes.

  1. Will there be an addition to shield and offhand shine for people with full lvl 13’s?

We'll work on it, and give you an answer later.

  • Allods Team