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5.0.02 Preview: Race Change
5.0.02 Preview: Race Change

Forgotten Legends

Dear Sarnaut!

Update 5.0.2 - Forgotten Legends - will give you the opportunity to change the race of your character! Xadaganian Wardens? Kanian Summoners? Yes, that's right! This is great news for both factions, and a fantastic way to spice up old characters.

In the Hall of Changes, Sergey Zverin and George de Ardeur used to alter the hair style, body proportions, and even gender of clients who wished for a brand new look - But now, they possess the secret knowledge of how to change somebody's race!

Change of Race

Should you talk with a Master of Changes, they will inform you about different race combinations available to your class, so be sure to check in on all the possibilities they offer.

master of change

If you do decide to change race, then your game session will end, allowing you to select a new race and appearance on your next login, just like the character creation screen!

change screen

You may only choose a race available for your class.


Sadly, engineers will not be able to change their race.

con eng

The price of a race change? 625 Carnival Masks. And remember - Once you select your new race (including your own), Carnival Masks will not be refunded!

Your character's appearance can also be changed under the general rules of the Hall of Changes.

Race ability will be replaced with the new one.
However, if you use a Page from the Book of Secrets, you will keep ALL of your abilities.

If your character has a pet, it will change its appearance to the default of the selected race.

New race-class combinations

5.0.02 will also bring 2 new race-class combinations: Huntmaster and Wizard.


new race combo-hunt

Huntmasters have adapted to the toughest of conditions, and feel comfortable in the thicket of the wild forest, or in the snowy mountains.

They have deep respect for the knowledge of orc shamans, and have already learned nearly all their secrets, such as the magic of Nature, and traditional healing spells. They tame and train their pets for warfare, as well as long and exhausting journeys across the plains.

Their pets are fiercely loyal to their masters, and are capable of inflicting terrible pain and bleeding wounds to their enemies, forcing their target to focus on the pet, protecting their master from harm.

Gaping Wound:
The next pet attack will wound the target and grab their attention, forcing it to attack your pet for 10 seconds. However, if you cast this ability on another character, the effect's duration will be 5 seconds, and reduce damage taken by friendly players (except your pet) by 50%.

The basic Huntmaster's pet is a loyal dog companion with 5 different color patterns to choose from. If you'd prefer a completely different companion, you can choose a new pet in the Hall of Changes.

dog1 dog2
dog3 dog4



As the powers of necromancy rise in popularity, more and more Kanian mages have turned toward death magic in search of untapped power.

Having studied the tomes of black sorcery, and the centuries worth of dark knowledge contained within them, the Wizards have adopted newfound powers which can rival that of Elven demonologists!

Wizards now wish to claim their rightful place as the new masters of undeath, and have established powerful, unbreakable bonds between themselves and their undead companions, allowing their minions to absorb damage that would have otherwise been inflicted on their master.

Dust to Dust: Redirects 50% of incoming damage to your minion. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Class costumes for Huntmasters and Wizards are shown in this exclusive video. Check it out!:

Will YOU change your characters race in the 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends update?

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