prize fund

Now you have a chance to purchase the «Tales of Ancestors» and the «Legends of Ancestors» kits for crystals!


Providing potions and consumables galore, the Radiant Strongbox of the Merchant is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the fight ahead!


It's time to wage machinated warfare during "Battle of the Machines", giving players the opportunity to test-run vehicles on the road or against fellow testers – such as a Dreadnought, Overlord's Throne, Overlord's Aegis, Manabike, Spinner, or Mirage!


Hooray! Ancient Compasses have just appeared in the rarities shop, which means that the long-awaited «Prophetic Cards» sale has started.


Avail of up to a 30% guaranteed crystal bonus boost with the 10-20-30 event!


Turn those frowns upside down in style with these fabulous wares! You'd need to be a 'fool' to miss out on the Day Of Fun!


Update 14.0 has been successfully installed and maintenance work is finished!


For the 14.0 update we're releasing exclusive Allods Online Collector's Editions, which you can buy for yourself or give as a gift to your friends right now.


Global update 14.0 "Call of Legends" will be available on March 30! While we are waiting for the installation to begin, we would like to mention a few points that are worth paying attention to.


In addition to the new plot and changes in the various classes performance, you will see some changes in the character gearing system in the upcoming update. We tried to rework the current system, making it more interesting and diverse.


The Magic Lamp returns - making your dreams come true once again!


Warrior code getting you down? Tired of cleaning up after your Druid or Shaman pet? Maybe you just fancy a change in your heroic career? If so, we've got just the item for you - the Radiant Strongbox of the Morpher!


Today we are celebrating the birthday of our beloved home - Allods Online!


It's time to share the most important class changes in the 14.0 global update! Basically, the changes affected classes with Aspects of Defense and the Aspect of Support, as well as the system of negative and positive effects for each of the classes.


Open your eyes and celebrate the oldest race of Sarnaut - the Arisen!


Avail of up to a 30% guaranteed crystal bonus boost with the 10-20-30 event!


During the sale you've got a unique chance to win grand prizes of the Fair.


Celebrate your patron and gain his blessing for 21 days! Each month we will be celebrating a different Patron – this month, it’s Rokoit. Remember, you are as strong as chromium.


Mayane woke up suddenly, in the middle of the night. She raised her head and listened intently into the darkness. It seemed the echo of the voice she heard in her dream was still here. "You will never get what you want".


Demonstrate your blacksmithing abilities and impress your fellow artisans during Hammerstrike Day!